• To know that each person is created by God and is unique and special
  • To grow in the knowledge and love of God and each other
  • To develop an understanding of our Catholic Faith in a happy and Christian environment
  • To participate in daily worship
  • To take care of the world God has given us
  • To be the best he/she can be in all aspects of school life
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and towards others
  • To develop respect and tolerance for all
  • To show courtesy and good manners
  • To prepare for adult life and the world of work
  • To make a difference

At Corpus Christi School we want each child

  • To become a confident learner, able to question, reason, persevere and explore ideas
  • To take ‘risks’ and see mistakes as key to learning
  • To listen carefully and respond appropriately
  • To speak clearly and with confidence
  • To read fluently and with understanding
  • To express themselves fluently in writing
  • To develop a knowledge and understanding of basic mathematical operations, and the ability to relate them to real life situations
  • To develop an organised approach to learning
  • To think and express themselves creatively
  • To participate in physical activity and understand that it is essential to a healthy lifestyle

As a school we will

  • Work in partnership with parents so that their role as first educators may be supported
  • Use our local and wider environment to promote active learning
  • Be welcoming and inclusive to all