Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to Early Years!

"At Corpus Christi school we provide a nurturing environment which encourages challenge, independence and personal growth. Our children are happy, engaged creative thinkers."


We proudly follow the guidance of Development Matters. The EYFS principles taken from Development Matters are found within our daily practice. The children throughout their academic year will be taught through themes. These themes are based on the children's interests and allow them to creatively and independently gain the skills required to achieve their early learning goal.

The Team at Corpus:

We are an energetic, bubbly bunch of practitioners who strive to ensure our children at Corpus Christi have the best start in their education.


St Nicolas class: Mrs Reilly – Nursery Teacher and Mrs Vincer - Nursery Nurse


St Anne Class- Mrs Saunders – Class teacher & EYFS lead and Miss Davidson- Nursery Nurse

St George- Miss Diver – Class teacher and Mrs Viani - Nursery Nurse

Reception support staff – Mrs Jimenez,  Mrs Martin and Miss Khosho