Equality Objectives Statement

Corpus Christi Primary School is committed to ensuring equality of provision throughout the school community.


To achieve this, our equality objectives (2017 - 2021) are as follows:


  • To comply with the legislation of the Equality Act 2012

  • To continue to maintain the school's position as a provider of the highest quality education and, as a good employer, providing development opportunities for all staff

  • To ensure that equality remains high on the school's strategic agenda

  • To establish good management practice and to set out a proactive agenda in which discrimination is recognised as an organisational issue which needs an organisational response.

  • To ensure that all staff work together with a shared sense of purpose to meet the needs of every pupil.

  • To ensure that pupils and staff contribute towards a happy and caring environment by showing respect for and appreciation of, one another as individuals.

  • To ensure that complaints or evidence of failure to comply with the school’s equality policy will be dealt with promptly and fully investigated according to the relevant procedure.