Parent Voice

Parents were asked to complete a Google Form following the SEND Review Meetings in July 2021.  There were 13 responses.


The school website contains useful information about how we support individual children, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

61.5% Agree 38.5% Strongly Agree


My child's strengths and needs have been clearly communicated with me

61.5% Strongly Agree 28.5% Agree


I know what support my child has been receiving and what will be in place next year

53.8% Agree 38.5% Strongly Agree 7.7% Neutral


I am happy with the support my child has been receiving

69.2% Strongly Agree 23.1% Agree 7.7% Neutral 


I feel that my child is making good progress at school

53.8% Strongly Agree 30.8% Agree 7.7% Disagree


For parents of children with EHCPs only: I am confident that the school is providing the support outlined in the plan (3 responses)

33.3% Strongly agree  33.3% Agree 33.3% Neutral


School staff have offered suggestions on how I can help my child at home

53.8% Strongly Agree 23.1% Agree 23.1% Neutral


I am able to approach staff if I have any concerns regarding my child

76.9% Strongly agree 23.1% agree


Where an outside agency (such as Speech and Language Therapist or Educational Psychologist) is involved in supporting my child I am informed of any visits

77.8% Yes 11.1% No 11.1% Sometimes


I have confidence in the leadership of SEN and interventions within the school

61.5% Strongly agree 30.8% agree 7.7% neutral