Welcome to Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School


Our children are at the heart of all we do here.  We have high expectations for them and they are encouraged at all times by our talented and nurturing staff to do their very best.


Here at Corpus Christi we all believe that ‘just being kind’ goes a very long way to contributing to our thriving school community.  As a result of this we enjoy a very high level of commitment and enthusiasm from all our staff, pupils, parents and governors that creates a tangibly happy and purposeful environment.


As a Catholic school we aim to educate the whole child with values from the Gospel that can be easily translated into their everyday lives.  During a recent Section 48 inspection, which graded the school as 'Outstanding', it was noted that the Catholic values and ethos are clearly embedded throughout the school.

To be 'Compassionate, Creative, Curious, Conscientious, Co-operative and Courageous’, forms a strong foundation for the school community, shaping its actions and direction. Pupils are very clear what it means to be a ‘Corpus Christi child.’


We look forward to welcoming you and your children to Corpus Christi.


Marie Baxter