Pupil Premium




Pupil Premium is a grant allocated to schools to support socially disadvantaged pupils.  It is not an individual entitlement and is not allocated to individual students.


Our aim in spending the Pupil Premium Grant is to accelerate academic progress, to bring children to at least age-related expectations and to enhance children’s life experiences.


The school has the responsibility for allocating the Pupil Premium funding to support pupils or groups of pupils who are legitimately identified as being socially disadvantaged.  We decided how the money is best allocated in order to meet the needs of the greatest number of disadvantaged pupils.


At Corpus Christi Primary School the funding is allocated to ensure that children in this group are supported to reach their full potential academically, personally and socially.  We look at the needs of individual pupils in these areas, and allocate the funding accordingly.  So, for example, funding may be provided for an extra – curricular club that will allow a pupil to have the same experiences as his or her peers, and thus raise their self – esteem.


Where funding is allocated to such an intervention it may be that some groups of pupils that benefit have a mixture of pupils entitled to Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) and those that do not.  In this way, the benefits of PPG can extend beyond those pupils who were originally targeted.


The school is reviewing the impact of the Pupil Premium grant on pupil progress.  We are aware that in some cases, Year 6 Pupil Premium children did not attain the expected standard in the 2016 SATs. More robust systems for analysing the progress of Pupil Premium pupils 2016-17 are being developed. For example, senior leaders now meet with class teachers termly to solely focus on Pupil Premium children’s progress, within whole class pupil reviews. Senior leaders also scrutinise costs of interventions versus impact.


 It’s important for all parents / carers to check to see if they are entitled.

As this money could have a huge impact on a child’s first steps of their journey through education.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-21