PSHE at Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

At Corpus Christi Catholic School, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Education) is delivered with immersive, inclusive and enjoyable lessons that are underpinned by God’s plan for us all. We intend to provide all children with a better understanding of themselves, as well as the world around them with the goal of, ‘living life to the full’ (John 10:10). Following from the National Curriculum for PSHE, we provide all children with the opportunity to learn about the impact of good choices in order to make safe and informed decisions. Throughout the school, learning is revisited and built upon in order to allow children to have concrete understanding on the topics visited. We encourage our children to participate openly in discussions by creating a safe environment for voices and opinions to be heard.


PSHE is taught once a week throughout the school so children have the opportunity to build on and extend their learning. We use a comprehensive and engaging scheme, ‘Life to the Full’ which uses drama, animation, documentaries and scenarios to shape the children’s learning. ‘Story, we believe, gives us an opportunity to shape, strengthen or challenge opinions and values’ (Ten: Ten Resources). This scheme informs our programme of study, within appropriately designed lessons and resources to be able to support every child, this is in line with our school’s inclusion commitment. At the beginning of each topic, the children learn about the context of who we each are, with the constant undercurrent that we are all chosen, created and loved by God. We then progress through the spiral curriculum by exploring more about ourselves and others.


As our children progress throughout the school, they are able to demonstrate values and morals that are deep-rooted throughout the PSHE curriculum. Children understand how choices affect their lives and avidly seek to encompass the Corpus Christi 6C’s. Our children enjoy the diverse approach to PSHE and demonstrate their learning in a creative and imaginative way.