TTRockstar Day

Curriculum Intent


At the end of their Corpus Christi journey, our children will have had the opportunity to attain the outcomes of the National Curriculum: to become fluent with the fundamentals of mathematics, to be able to reason mathematically; and have the opportunity to solve increasingly complex problems by applying their knowledge of mathematics.


Teachers take a conscientious approach to lesson planning by designing lessons which take small steps to ensure that concepts are embedded deeply. A consistent, whole-school approach to lesson design will allow children to feel confident in Maths.

We will be compassionate to the needs of the pupils in our class and allow all children to succeed at their appropriate level. Resources and manipulatives are available in each class to support and extend learning and to teach the children to draw on these strategies to develop their independence.

Activities will be designed so that all children can be courageous when being challenged to take risks with their learning.

A creative approach is taken to cover all aspects of Maths and to encourage children to make links by applying Maths to a variation of contexts.

We promise to co-operate with the children in our care and identify when immediate intervention is required to enhance their fluency.

We will encourage all children to talk mathematically and to ask questions about Maths to develop their curiosity.


- The curriculum hours for Maths are non-negotiable. Five hours of Maths per week. Maths sessions will be taught in the mornings (in some cases, due to swimming, PPA etc this may not be possible).

- Each year group follows a termly planner which breaks the yearly objectives into small steps of progression. This enables children to use, make links and build on prior knowledge. 

- Planning – Teachers use the White Rose Scheme of Work to form the basis of their planning of small steps.

- The majority of lessons allow the children to work on the three fundamental areas of Maths: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. These tasks are directly linked to the teachers' input.

- Resources (suggested in the calculation policy and on the scheme of learning) are used to support individual needs.


The impact of our Mathematics curriculum will ensure that when children leave Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, they are fluent in their calculations; are able to apply their learned Mathematics skills in the world around them; and are able to make links, where necessary, to enable to them to succeed on the journey they choose in life.