This year the houses in our school have been thinking of ways to connect to our 6c's and the Catholic Social Teachings. Each half term, different houses have participated in a variety of different activities such as outreach to others, becoming aware of injustice in the world in order to change and living out our faith. 


Take a look!


In Autumn 1, Oscar Romero house took part in a 'Cuppa and Chat' at our local residential house, Raleigh House. This involved the children taking some time to talk, play some games and handing out some biscuits to the residents of Raleigh House.

We hoped to lift the spirits for the residents and enjoy the company of our children.

In Spring 1, Rosa Parks house wanted to be courageous and stand up to the injustice of farmers by supporting Fairtrade. Fairtrade supports farmers in receiving fair pay for the goods that they produce. Often, farmers are not paid enough money for all the goods they produce and therefore struggle living. The children baked cakes, using Fairtrade products to be sold at a cake sale to bring awareness and raise money for Fairtrade.