Phonic Tutoring

What is Phonic Tutoring?

Phonic tutoring is an intensive intervention designed to help your child keep up, not catch-up, with their daily phonics teaching.  


Why has my child been chosen?

Your child has been chosen because in a recent assessment it was demonstrated that your child would need further support in order to make progress.  


Who leads the tutoring? 

Our teaching assistants have all been highly trained in delivering Read. Write Inc.  The children are closely monitored by the Reading Lead, Miss. Quigley


Will I be kept updated on my child's progress? 

Yes.  Assessments take place every 4-6 weeks and if children are not making expecting progress, their needs will be discussed by the class teacher.  


How can I support my child?

You can find information about how you can support your child on Miss. Quigley's Reading page - follow the link below