School Values


Jesus Christ, the Way the Truth and the Life,
calls us all to share in His Life and His Mission.

We are the Body of Christ.
We are Corpus Christi!





The Catholic Faith is taught, lived and witnessed in the daily life of our school, and our faith inspires and encourages us to reach out in love to others.


Recognising that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God, we will:


  • Encourage all to strive for excellence and achieve their individual God given potential
  • Respect and nurture every child in our school
  • Provide enriching, exciting and creative learning opportunities
  • Prepare children for life in a modern and diverse society
  • Work in partnership with our staff, Governors, parents, Parishes and the wider community for the good of all


As a Catholic school we are called to be a school of prayer reflecting on Sacred Scripture and celebrating the Sacraments. Through this we are inspired to lead and nurture every member of the school community to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus as we pray and worship together.

Our School Virtues


Our school virtues are the '6C's'. We encourage all of our pupils to be:

- Compassionate

- Co-operative

- Courageous

- Creative

- Conscientious

- Curious


Through these virtues we want all pupils to:


  • Become a confident learner, able to question, reason, persevere and explore ideas
  • Take ‘risks’ and see mistakes as key to learning
  • Listen carefully and respond appropriately
  • Speak clearly and with confidence
  • Read fluently and with understanding
  • Express themselves fluently in writing
  • Develop a knowledge and understanding of basic mathematical operations, and the ability to relate them to real life situations
  • Develop an organised approach to learning
  • Think and express themselves creatively
  • Participate in physical activity and understand that it is essential to a healthy lifestyle



  • Work in partnership with parents so that their role as first educators may be supported
  • Use our local and wider environment to promote active learning
  • Be welcoming and inclusive to all