Our Catholic Faith

At Corpus Christi School we aim to give children a deeper knowledge and understanding of their Catholic faith. The religious, spiritual and moral education of the children is given high priority here. Religious education is more than a curriculum subject, it is something that guides every area of our school. As a Catholic school we aim to educate the whole child and our ethos is inseparable from the curriculum.   

Religious Education

As a Catholic school our faith permeates every aspect of our school. Religion is a relationship of love between the child and God, and between the child and other people, in our community. Religious Education fosters this relationship through daily prayer, Acts of Worship and Celebrations of Liturgy. As a Catholic school we feel it is important that children learn how to co-operate with and forgive others. Scripture, teachings of the Church and the teachers’ own witness and example are the means by which these are taught.

As a whole school we follow a Nationally approved Catholic Religious Education scheme entitled ‘Come and See’.

Links are made with the pupils’ own experiences, universal experiences and with the experiences of other faith traditions. The ‘Come and See’ programme presents the Christian message and way of life, in contexts appropriate to the age and stage of development of each child.

The priests of our parishes regularly visit the school, and are a link with the wider community of the Church.


Prayer and Liturgy

At Corpus Christi Primary School we have a daily Collective Act of Worship. This involves the school community coming together, as a school, key stage or class group, and is a valuable part of our school day. On many Fridays the children of a class lead us in an assembly, and parents are welcome to attend.

We celebrate Mass as a community always on Holy days, and throughout the school year. We welcome parents and other parishioners to join us on these occasions. Our Feast day for Corpus Christi is always celebrated at school with our First Holy Communicants leading us in prayer at Mass.