Vision for Science at Corpus Christi.

At Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, we see our Science Curriculum as a wonderful opportunity for our children to explore the world around them, through engaging and practical experiences, which encourage them to be curious and to ask questions.


Through this, our vision is to equip them with a range of skills which they can use in an ever-changing world and which inspire them to be innovative, problem-solvers and scientists of the future.


Big Battery Hunt Competition


Each year we throw away about 600 million batteries and 20,000 tonnes of these end up in landfill sites. These batteries can also take up to 100 years to decompose. However, they can be recycled and by doing so we can help to save our planet!


What we can do to help…

If you have any used batteries at home then please send them into school to be recycled. The batteries will need to be placed into the battery shaped container just opposite the student entrance to the office.


We have collected a large number of used batteries already, help us to keep up the excellent recycling!

Science Policies and Documentation

Science Experiment Web Links


Visit the web links below for simple experiments you can do at home.


SAFETY: Please do not try the experiments without an adult to supervise.

* With adult supervision take some time to try out a mini experiment and record your findings in a creative way.