Welcome to the PTA section of our website.

What is the PTA?

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a collaborative organization comprised of parents, teachers, and staff working together to enhance the educational experience of students within a school community.


What do we do?

PTAs play a vital role in supporting schools by organizing events, fundraising, advocating for educational policies, and fostering a sense of community among families and school staff. We have recently raised money for a new stage and lighting, and we are now on a mission to resurface and upgrade all three school playgrounds!


Why join the PTA?

Joining the PTA offers parents and caregivers an opportunity to actively engage in their child's education and contribute to the overall success of the school community. By becoming a member, individuals can:

  • Make a Difference: Joining the PTA allows individuals to have a direct impact on their child's education by supporting initiatives that enhance learning experiences and promote student well-being.
  • Build Community: The PTA provides a platform for parents, teachers, and staff to collaborate and build strong relationships within the school community. It offers opportunities for networking, volunteering, and socializing with other families who share a common goal of supporting education.
  • Stay Informed: PTA members have access to valuable information about school events, programs, and educational initiatives. They can stay informed about important issues affecting their child's education and participate in discussions to address concerns and advocate for positive change.
  • Develop Skills: Joining the PTA provides opportunities for personal growth and skill development. Members can gain leadership experience, organizational skills, and networking opportunities that can benefit them both personally and professionally.
  • Support Your Child: By actively participating in the PTA, parents and caregivers demonstrate their commitment to their child's education and well-being. They show their children the importance of involvement, advocacy, and community engagement, setting a positive example for future generations.


You can find out about upcoming events and support our fundraising efforts on this website