At Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, pupils in KS2 are taught Spanish for one hour each week. Our aim is to stimulate curiosity for other countries and cultures in a way that encourages respect for diversity. The aim of study in Spanish is to give pupils the ability to build increasingly complex sentences, starting from simple phrases about familiar topics.


Children learn the structure of the language and will be able to apply the grammatical rules in their Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. Pupils will have the basic skills to start secondary school with a wide variety of vocabulary about different topics and will be able to extend their knowledge and grammatical structure from simple to more complex sentences and short paragraphs.


At Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, we follow the National Curriculum. Topics covered in lessons include: Greetings, Numbers, Colours, Classroom Instructions, Classroom Objects, Food, Drinks, Physical Descriptions, Zones of Regulation, House, City, Sport. 


We also teach children the benefits of learning a foreign language. Pupils apply their vocabulary and grammatical structures in a range of different scenarios and topics. Pupils develop their speaking and listening skills through conversations, role play, interactive activities, games and singing. They also study Phonics in order to become fluent readers in a foreign language.


In Key Stage 2, children learn to write and translate phrases, sentences and short paragraphs to begin to prepare for Secondary School. Children have a quiz at the end of each term to assess the topics studied during that term. 


We currently use the following resources to support our Spanish curriculum:


BBC Spanish Key Stage 2, Twinkl, Light Bulb Languages, Rockalingua, YouTube videos and songs. CGP Practise and Learn Spanish.


The teaching of our Spanish curriculum will ensure pupils are confident and enthusiastic to learn foreign languages later in life. High quality teaching and learning in Spanish will ensure that pupils enter secondary school confidently and will be successfully well prepared to continue and develop their language skills.